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120 S. Central Ave. Suite 1420
St. Louis, Missouri 63105


The easiest way to get to our office is to take 64/40 to I-170 to Forest Park Parkway. Stay to the right on the FPP and take the exit ramp for Central Avenue/St. Louis County Government Center which goes uphill and curves to the left. You will be on S. Central Avenue. Continue straight on S. Central Avenue. You will go through one stoplight and our building will be on the right-hand side with right turn entry into a downward sloping driveway into the underground parking garage.

Our Office

Our office is located in the PNC Center building between S. Central Avenue and S. Bemiston Avenue, in Clayton, Missouri. We are on the 14th floor in Suite 1420.


Our building has an underground parking garage with two entrances: one is located off S. Central Avenue across from the St. Louis County Court building, and the other is located off S. Bemiston Avenue. Both are downward sloping driveways. The south side of the building faces Bonhomme Ave., but has no entrance either for parking or access to the building lobby.

There are 4 levels of parking available underneath our building. Once through the gate to the garage, if you entered the parking garage from S. Central, turn right at the first opportunity. However, if you entered from S. Bemiston, proceed forward and turn left just before you reach the entrance and exit gates on the opposite side of the garage. Then proceed down to the yellow, blue or green level to park in an available space. There is a single central stairwell on each level of the parking garage that leads to the central elevator bay that will take you directly to the 14th floor. These are painted yellow, blue or green.

Note: you will need to walk up or down a half flight of stairs in the parking garage stairwell prior to accessing the elevator. When you leave your car, make note of whether your parking spot is labeled A, B, C, or D. Also note whether you got on the elevator at level B1 or B2. When you are ready to leave the building, you will go back to that floor and then follow the signs for level A, B, C, or D to get to your car.

Once you park in the garage, be sure to bring your ticket with you and we will validate your parking.


On the S. Central Ave. side of the building there is a sidewalk ramp up to the building doorway with a Handicap Accessible door. The ramp and door access the main lobby of the building, with access to the elevator bank that will come directly to the 14th floor with no stairs.

There is also reserved Handicap parking available on the first level of the underground parking garage, with a special lift elevator. When you enter the building’s parking garage, go straight ahead until you see the Handicap parking spaces located on the entry level garage floor. The spaces are located next to the central elevator access area painted red. There is a special accessible elevator near the Handicap parking spaces. When you push the button next to the special accessible elevator, the building security guard will send the elevator which will take you to our building lobby. The building security guard will meet you at the elevator in the lobby and escort you to another set of elevators to access our floor. If you press the button and the building security guard does not respond, please call our office at (314) 721-7778.

COVID-19 Pandemic

MGD Law is open, operating, and committed to providing legal services to our clients with careful attention to CDC Guidance.

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